Cyber Security Awareness for Seafarers

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About ther Course:

The ‘Cyber Security Awareness for Seafarers' course examines the definition of Cyber Security, the Cyber Threats that exist, the vulnerabilities onboard that there may be in ship IT and OT systems, and how they may be exploited. The course then examines the measures that can be taken to mitigate and defend against these types of threats.

This course is designed to provide the user a firm grounding in Maritime Cyber Security issues and to encourage the understanding amongst all individuals in an organisation, because 'Cyber Security is everyone's responsibility'. The disruption of ship systems may lead to unfavourable outcomes. For example:

  • Disruptions as a direct result of the ship no longer functioning or sailing as intended.
  • Permitting criminal activity, including acts of kidnap, maritime piracy, theft of cargo, fraud and the associated issues of ransomware.
  • Physical harm to the ship's systems, its crew, personnel or cargo, and in the worst case scenario this could also result in risk to life and/or the loss of the ship itself.
  • Loss of sensitive information - for example personal or commercial data.

These scenarios may occur at an individual ship or even at fleet level. The latter of which is most likely to severely disrupt fleet operations.

Aims of the Course:

This course is designed to provide the user, who is at any level in the company or on board ship, with a firm grounding in Maritime Cyber Security issues, and:

  • To provide seafarers the basic knowledge and training to enable them to safeguard on board equipment vulnerable to cyber security threats.
  • To introduce measures within the shipboard safety management system (SMS) to ensure that vessels are operationally resilient to cyber risks.

This course sets out practicable best-practice guidance on areas such as:

  • General knowledge of Cyber Threats and how they are effective, including real-world case studies to put context to the learning.
  • Best practice ‘Cyber Hygiene’: The steps we can take to avoid falling foul of an attack.
  • Spotting a threat or an attack in progress and what to do in the event of security incidents.
  • Developing and following a Cyber Security Assessment and Plan.
  • Awareness and application of the mitigation measures that are most appropriate.
  • Knowledge of the correct structures, roles, responsibilities and processes that facilitate a sound Cyber Defence.

Target Audience:

No prerequisites are required for ship's personnel to get entry on to this course, which can be delivered on board ship or ashore. This online course has been created to give staff and crew of all levels a firm grounding in Cyber Security. The course can be utilised as an intrinsic part of an organisation's overall risk management and is intended to be used by any seafarer. Additionally, the course can be taken by those with accountability for protecting the ships (both when underway and when at port), crew, other personnel, cargo, cargo transport units and ship's stores from the risk of a security-related incident. This course is aimed at:

  • Anyone of any rank or capacity, working on or around a ship.
  • This course can also be useful for any crew or staff, for example:
    • Ships' senior officers (for example, the Captain, First Officer and Chief Engineer)
    • Personnel with authority for the day-to-day operation of maritime communications systems, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT).
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